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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP as it is commonly known is a technique for changing the way we behave.

Put simply it is an instruction manual for the mind, helping people harness the brain to change negative behaviours and thought patterns and become more successful, healthier and positive.

NLP considers that most problems derive from the internal models in our head. Patterns of behaviour and language that have been learnt over the period of our life.

An easy way to think about this is that our view of the world is unique, it is shaped by our own perceptions.

As people begin to understand how their own unique model works, they can learn to change unhelpful or destructive habits, thoughts, feelings and beliefs, exchanging them for more positive ones.

NLP is especially useful as a technique to help people who wish to manage addictions and phobias. 

NLP is the technique central to our Smoking Cessation programme -  Breathing Easy.